Chumba Casino Tips & Tricks to WIN WIN

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What is Chumba Casino & Chumba Casino works

If you go to Chumba Casino you’ll find the term “social casino” or “social casino”. The reason is that the players have the option to opt to play using Gold Coins or Sweeps Coins but neither has any value beyond the gaming.

The prizes cannot be claimed when playing with Gold Coins to play. The only exception is that Sweeps Coins, which are acquired for free, without the requirement to purchase and can be exchanged to win cash. Many sites, including Chumba, utilize the sweepstakes format to play casino games.

The sweepstakes Coins cannot be bought – because they’re giveaway sweepstakes entries.

How can I obtain Sweeps Coins

There are three methods to get FREE Sweeps coins:

  • Mail
  • Facebook contests
  • A free present when you purchase the Gold Coins choices

Participants will be awarded free sweeps Coins with every mail message that is sent.

The Chumba Facebook competitions take place every day and generally provide participants the opportunity to win five free sweeps coins.

The final and third alternative is to buy Gold Coins on Chumba’s website. Sometimes the moment you make a purchase, you’ll get free sweeps Coins.

Find out more regarding how to make the most of your earnings as a brand-new user.

Chumba Casino New player offer

When opening a new account with Chumba New players will be greeted by two of the bonuses for signing up:

  • First Purchase Deal: Get 10,000,000 Gold Coins with 30 Free Sweeps Coins at $10. This usually cost $30.
  • No Purchase Bonus: Get 2,000,000 Gold Coins, plus 2 FREE Sweeps Coins.

Do I require an offer code for Chumba Casino?

There is no Chumba Casino bonus coupon is required to take advantage the Chumba Casino bonus offer. Just use our unique Chumba link to set up your account and get the most from your Welcome Offer.

Chumba Casino free bonus codes 2023

Social CasinoChumba Casino
Chumba Promo CodeEnter promo code to claim it.
First Purchase Promotion30 Gold Coins worth $10 and 30 Sweeps for FREE Coins
There is no purchase bonus* * 2,000,000 Gold Coins
* 2 Sweeps for FREE Coins
Chumba Casino Login Bonus200,000 Gold Coins + 1 FREE Sweeps Coins per day
The Last UpdateNovember 2023

Chumba Casino bonus

When they sign up for Chumba Casino, players receive two free sweeps coins. To get this Chumba casino bonus all you have to do is follow the Chumba link in this article and then create an account. You don’t need a Chumba bonus code is needed!

Once you have played through the game one time Sweeps Coins are redeemable to win cash.

Chumba Casino promotions

Chumba gives away FREE sweeps Coins by hosting regular contests through their official Facebook account. Every competition usually has 10 winners. The winners are selected randomly from those who have the right answer to the question. Every winner gets a different amount of sweep coins. They are mostly about luck since they are generally straightforward to answer. If you aren’t sure of what the correct answer is, you’ll usually take the answers already that are being provided. Good luck! success!

Free sweeps Coins are always on hand just by writing or contacting us.

Chumba Casino VIP program

Chumba doesn’t offer any sort of Rewards or VIP programs. It’s a pity.

This does however fit to the basic ethos of Chumba’s whole operation and is therefore not shocking.

Joining at as well as Chumba Lite Casino

Beginning with Chumba Casino is very easy. It will take only one or two minutes. It is not necessary to conduct any initial ID checks. needed, with the exception of an e-mail confirmation link, and ensuring you’re not a resident in Washington, Michigan, or Quebec (Chumba isn’t available within those areas. Idaho is accessible to play Gold Coin play only.) Naturally, Chumba participants must show ID and proof of identification before they are able to cash out all of their Sweeps Coins for cash prizes. But, the initial registration procedure was simple and simple.

Chumba’s desktop website is straightforward user-friendly and well constructed. The entire menu is accessible through a single, clear page. All their games are accessible on a single page with navigation that scrolls.

Chumba Casino does not currently have a specific application designed for mobile devices However, the mobile site can be resized to accommodate the screen size of modern phones. Lobby, game and menu choices are easy to access and responsive. Users with smaller screen resolutions have to play in the landscape mode.

While there’s no search feature The game library of Chumba isn’t huge, and gamers won’t need to browse through a lot of titles in order in order to discover their favorites.

Chumba Casino online games

We checked, and we saw over 100 games available in Chumba Casino.

From their whole collection of games, two are based on cards – one being one that is a Blackjack table as well as one is a Blackjack or better game of video poker. Recently, they also launched roulette, which is a good option to their selection of table games.

The rest of the titles are slots. Plays and spins start with an equivalent of 250 gold Coins or 0.01 Swap Coins. The amount can go to 1,000,000 gold Coins and 100 Sweeps Coins per game at card tables as well as 5,000,000 Gold Coins and 50 Sweeps Coins each time you spin the machines.

There are several progressive jackpot slot machines. The slots include Stampede Fury Reelin N Rockin and Triple Double Fever, which are the Chumba’s FireShot Jackpot games and are accountable for $1 million plus in cash prizes that can be redeemed.

While Chumba’s slot games may lack impressive video intros and effects available to larger developers, the players could get some big jackpots. Additionally, these games remain enjoyable to enjoy.

Chumba Slot Titles

Chumba’s games are largely developed and developed by the company in-house. It means that the vast majority of their more than 70 games are exclusive and cannot be played elsewhere. The games comprise:

  • Western Gold
  • Stampede Fury
  • Reelin ‘ ‘n Rockin
  • Big Goreela

Chumba Bingo

Alongside the slot machines and table games in Chumba Casino, players can gain access to Chumba Bingo. Just click on the ‘Bingo’ option at the very middle of the lobby. Bingo isn’t an everyday games on casinos–real gambling, social or sweepstakes casino–so it’s an excellent option.

When you play Chumba Bingo it is possible to begin with creating a chat username. It’s possible to talk with other players in the games. Having an account name makes it possible.

Once the site is open it will show a selection of bingo rooms available. They will be playing with either 75 or 90 balls and you can choose these games based upon this information or the prize that you could get. Prizes can come in the form of Gold Coins or Sweeps Coins These are visible in the next game.

Once you have decided on the game to play, purchase tickets. Each ticket grants you an entry card. The more tickets you buy greater your chance of getting a winning ticket. There are different games that have distinct cost of tickets. This is another aspect to think about when choosing what game you want to play. Each game is limited to a certain amount of cards you’re allowed to purchase, however it is possible to buy many cards should you want.

When you have selected a game and choose the number of tickets, you’ll have to watch the countdown clock to be at zero. After that it will begin the game. It is fairly quick to call numbers However, your cards are sorted in a way that is automatic, meaning you won’t have to be concerned about many things. The card that you are using which has the greatest odds of winning is highlighted in the center of your screen. This makes it easier for you to keep track of.

Game play is quick, and playing with other players can be thrilling. Therefore, we strongly suggest exploring Chumba Bingo.Games

Chumba Casino is a casino that offers more than 100 different slot-like games that include slot machines, jackpot slots, and table games.

Chumba Casino is accessible through the internet, which means that you don’t need to download any program to play. There isn’t a mobile application, users can get access to the game for free Chumba Casino from their smartphones as well as tablets using any web browser.

What is the Process Behind Chumba Casino work?

Are you getting prepared to join Chumba Casino? Do you want to know the process of how Chumba Casino works? Here’s all we know — and that’s quite an awful lot! Do you want to know the differences among Sweeps Coins and Gold Coins? But don’t fret, we’ve everything you need within this part of our review.

Chumba Casino FREE Sweeps Coins

Free Sweeps Coins are available in Chumba Casino so that users can participate in games, and also redeem wins for cash as well as gift cards. These Sweeps Coins are not available for purchase and must be earned by completing promotions, including daily login bonus or contests on social media.

What exactly are Sweeps Coins on Chumba Casino?

If you’re hoping to cash out prizes at Chumba Casino and other casinos, you must have free Sweeps Coins. They are distinct from Gold Coins, as only Sweeps Coins can be redeemed in a secure and safe manner as cash prizes for players from the US as well as Canada.

What is the best way to use Free Sweepstakes Coins at Chumba Casino?

Every one of the Sweeps Coins games needs Sweeps Coins to participate. Participants can also earn Sweeps Coins that can be used to redeem cash rewards. Additionally, you can utilize Sweeps Coins that have been earned as a bonus when you purchase or purchase Gold Coins or via several alternative ways — check out the following article to learn more about how you could get Sweeps Coins!

How do I Get Free Cash for Sweeps at Chumba Casino?

There is no purchase required to participate in the sweepstakes at Chumba Casino You just have to be able to get Sweeps Coins. This can be done in various methods. It is easiest to do this by just registering an account at Chumba Casino However, as you’ll notice, there are plenty of different ways to earn free sweeps Coins.

  • The majority of Gold Coin Purchases provide FREE Sweeps Coins
  • Giveaway Contests
  • Daily Bonus
  • Make a Request via Post

How can I Redeem Cash-back Sweeps on Chumba Casino?

If you’ve confirmed your account, you’ll be able to exchange any of your Sweeps Coins for cash prizes inside Chumba Casino itself. It is essential to make certain that you’re holding 100 Sweeps Coins before you are in a position to securely and safely cash them out. Be aware that 1 Sweeps Coin could be exchanged at a cost of US$1, therefore the minimum amount of redemption is $100.

Gold Coins on Chumba Casino

Gold Coins are the second kind of currency used by Chumba Casino, and are employed as Standard Play. Gold Coins serve as fun They aren’t transferable to win other prizes. Additionally, they do not have any value as a currency. There is a chance to receive Gold Coins for free when playing games at casinos, and you can also purchase additional coins from Chumba Casino to extend your game. There are times when you can be awarded Free Sweeps Coins every time you buy Gold Coins depending on the promotions which Chumba Casino have live at the moment.

It is possible to use Gold Coins to play Chumba’s Gold Coin casino games or make use of the free Sweeps Coins to play other games offered by Chumba Casino.

Chumba Casino Cash Rewards

If you’re at Chumba Casino as a fun activity or to get the chance to earn cash There’s something to suit every player. Gaming with Gold Coins allows you to test out various games and find ones you enjoy, prior to taking home and cashing out Sweeps Coins to cash out prizes.

Do you have the chance to win cash prizes in Chumba Casino, and What Do They?

We’ve already mentioned that Chumba Casino does allow players to win cash prizes using its model of social casinos. When you win Sweeps Coins you to use them to redeem money prizes or gift cards as well as enjoy the excitement of playing a social casino online.

What is the best way to redeem your Sweepstakes coins in cash for prizes at Chumba Casino?

After you’ve verified your account and have accumulated at minimum 100 Sweeps Coins It’s extremely simple to use them to cash rewards and have these directly transferred to your bank account, or via gift card.

Chumba Casino Games Reviewed

There’s no shortage of slot machines for free tables, jackpots and slot games to play at Chumba Casino All needs is a brief glance around the lobby to discover the details.

The review section of this article will take a look at every game accessible on the site.

What’s new in the Chumba Casino? Chumba Casino?

This week, there’s seen a number of changes in Chumba Casino. The announcement of a new category of games to an unprecedented jackpot winner and an array of promotions dotted throughout the week, it’s been a full week for the casino and the players who play there. Let’s take a closer look at the events in greater detail:



Latest Games

Chumba Casino last released games a while ago, and now we know why. It has been cooking some fascinating releases: seven new scratch card games. Here’s the gist of the new additions:

  • Diamond Scratch: Players have seven opportunities to win. The main objective is to match the carat size of the diamonds on the card.
  • Fortune Scratch: This game stands out for its speed and ease of play, featuring nine chances for players to win. The gameplay involves scratching the card to reveal different amounts. If the player finds matching amounts, they win.
  • SpinStar Scratch: This 6/49 scratch card game is not just about matching numbers; it also features a multiplier to enhance the winnings.
  • Kitty Puzzle: Players are invited to solve puzzles presented by three kitties. The challenge lies in arranging the puzzle pieces correctly.
  • Pharaoh’s Treasure: The game revolves around unveiling hidden symbols, with each discovery increasing the chances of winning the prize.
  • The Link Scratch: Players must match lines of symbols across the card. Each line matched multiplies the prize, making every scratch an opportunity to increase winnings.
  • Golden Ace Scratch: This classic scratch card game provides players with 20 chances to win. The game’s highlight is the ace of spades, which guarantees a win for every prize on the card.

Latest Promotions

Chumba Casino has also introduced two new promotions for its Facebook followers:

  • Competition Time: Players could win one of 100 prizes, each consisting of 30 Free Sweep Coins (SC). Players had to share a screenshot of their winning Gold Coins (GC) gameplay on Chumba Casino to participate.
  • Giveaway: Celebrating the launch of Scratch Cards at Chumba Casino, players had the chance to win one of 100 prizes worth 30 Free SC. To enter this giveaway, participants had to comment the correct answer to a maze puzzle posted by Chumba Casino.

In both promotions, using the Chumba Casino promo code #ChumbaGiveaway on social media was crucial as it helped track entries for the draw.

Recent Jackpot Winners

Congratulations to the latest jackpot winners at Chumba Casino! Taylor T won a staggering SC 1,009,300 playing Wild Linx, while Alan L hit a massive SC 1,932,022 jackpot in Aztec Quest. Logan S secured an impressive SC 1,200,000 in Fruit Smash, and Katrina M claimed SC 1,054,073 in Aztec Quest. Special applause goes to Chumba’s 50th millionaire, who won SC 1,098,973 from an SC 3 spin in Aztec Quest, marking a significant milestone for the casino. Congratulations to all!

Chumba purchase options

With Chumba Casino, players purchase Gold Coins and at times will get FREE Sweeps Coins. Chumba also regularly runs purchase promotion sweepstakes with FREE Sweeps Coins.

The purchase options are currently Visa and MasterCard and Direct Bank Transfer. And thanks to a partnership with Worldpay, there should be more options available in the future.

Customers can use their credit card to purchase Gold Coins in $10 increments.

Or to make a purchase directly from a bank account, customers just select the Gold Coin option they like, click on their bank, sign in and pay for the purchase. Transactions will not appear on balances until the following business day.

Lastly, players worried about problem gaming can self-limit their Gold purchases.

New purchase options

Customers now have more options for Gold Coin purchases and to redeem Sweeps Coins. Chumba has partnered with Skrill, an online wallet designed to work with mobile and in-game payments. Players can still use all current payment options. Over the coming months, Chumba will continue to add more of the things you love including games, features, and fun.

Chumba redemption options

Players need to submit identification documentation before they can redeem any cash prizes. Additionally, the minimum balance required to do so is 50 Sweeps Coins.

Once all documents are verified, Chumba sends out a 10-digit pin by e-mail. Players must use that pin for all future redemptions. Chumba also commits to processing all redemptions quickly. Chumba redemptions once verified now occur within 48 hours.

Chumba Casino support channels

To set up an account, you can go directly to the Chumba Casino site and register.

Players can reach Chumba Casino for support via three different channels:

Chumba’s Facebook page is easy to find and very active. They often post two or three times a day. Their average response time is “within a few hours.”

This isn’t bad for a company as active as they are on social media. Their Facebook posts often get hundreds of reactions and comments, particularly when it comes to competitions. Publicly asking a question or airing a complaint here will likely get a quick response.

Lastly, Chumba’s customer support portal is run by ZenDesk. It has an extensive range of FAQ answers and guides. Customers can also submit support tickets through this platform.

This is also where players can self-impose limitations on their accounts if they are worried about troubling gambling patterns. Players can set limits on daily and weekly purchases, daily play time, and maximum losses per day.

Players can also self-exclude themselves out of their account for set periods of time if they choose to.

Chumba Casino vs Chumba Lite: What’s the difference?

Chumba Casino introduced Chumba Lite to players in early 2023. This is essentially a smaller, free-to-play version of Chumba that allows you to access a handful of games from your iOS or Android device.

Chumba Lite is a free social casino – you cannot make real money purchases on the app. Instead, receive a 1,000,000 gold chip bonus when you log in for the first time and use these chips to play games. Prizes at Chumba Lite have no monetary value – just use your chip wins to continue spinning. There are also several other ways to receive gold chips, which we’ve detailed below.

Chumba Lite differs from Chumba Casino as it is entirely free to play and there is no option to make purchases on the app. It’s also much smaller with just a three-game library, so you won’t need to spend hours browsing for the perfect slot. Chumba Casino has over 100 titles for players to choose from, which includes several table games. You will not be able to find these at Chumba Lite.

Games at Chumba Lite

Chumba Lite is a smaller version of the Chumba Lite app is a less crowded and more efficient variant of Chumba Casino that offers three games for players to play which include Gem Huntress, Diamond Panther and Lightning Nudge. Below is a brief description of each one:

  • Gem Huntress: Combat through the Asian forests with Gem Huntress. Gem Huntress will guide you through the game’s five reels in your search for gemstones and gold among an array of symbols such as animals and letters. Keep an eye out for the red gemstone scatter. It will start a free spin when you hit 3 or more of them in the grid.
  • Diamond Panther: Another 5-reel slot Diamond Panther offers simplistic gameplay that is set in the midst of wild creatures. Get at least three diamonds in order to start the bonus game and keep an eye out for the game’s wild, that’s the Diamond Panther symbol.
  • Lightning Nudge: If you’re fond of Classic Spins or Super Hot 7s from Chumba Casino This no-cost game on Chumba Lite may be an ideal choice for players. It is a five-reel grid that has three rows, Lightning Nudge is known for its nudging wilds that replace all symbols that is on the grid, except for scatters.

Gold chips are collected at Chumba the Lite

There are various ways of collecting gold chips in order to play games with Chumba Lite. This is a brief overview of all:

  • New player bonus Get Chumba Lite and log in to get a 1,000,000 gold chips new player reward. This is the perfect method to start with Chumba Lite.
  • The ability to level up: The more you participate in games at Chumba Lite, you more you will be able to earn. Earn rewards for free by getting better at leveling up, accomplishing goals, playing regularly and putting yourself at the top of the leaderboards for social casinos.
  • Gold Spin Wheel: Spin Chumba Lite’s Gold Spin Wheel daily to get free gold chips. Spin the wheel for four days in the same row and you will get a chance to spin Mega Spin Wheel. Mega Spin Wheel.
  • Register in by using Facebook: Chumba Lite is providing extra gold coins for those who sign in through Facebook.

Sites like Chumba Casino

If you’re searching for sites similar to Chumba Casino, we have some companies in our store for players like you.

One of them is LuckyLand Slots. The social casino provides players with free Cashbacks and Sweeps for signing in every day. The social casino is developing an application for mobile devices on Android that lets you enjoy games wherever you like. iPhone users do not require apps, since the version that runs in browsers is HTML5.

Another site for social casinos similar to Chumba is Funzpoints Casino. The site can be used in the standard mode, for no cost and in premium mode to win cash winnings. The site uses Facebook in the same way as Chumba and has regularly scheduled social media contests for its players. Although the selection of games is less, every title that is offered at Funzpoints comes with an minimum RTP (Return to Player) of 96.5 percent.

Then, Pulsz is the social casino as Luckyland which offers options like roulette, blackjack, and slot machines. It is a simple website that gives users the chance to progress through to the Pulsz level of VIP. Pulsz is not a casino that offers sweepstakes or a sweepstakes casino. It can be thought of more along an idea of having a fun game played with your smartphone for example, Candy Crush.

How do you earn coins

Below are the various methods you can make extra money in the following paragraphs:

Welcome offers on offer: Although subject to changes the welcome offers and bonus offers are the perfect opportunity to increase your balance the moment you sign up to a website. When you sign up using our website to sign up, you can get 2 million Gold Coins along with two FREE Sweeps Coins that will assist you in establishing your account.

Login reward one of the best bonuses that you can enjoy when playing on Chumba Casino is their daily welcome bonus for login. You just need to login in with your existing account and, if you’re eligible, there will be a pop-up asking you for you to choose to take advantage of your winnings.

Social media bonus It’s crucial to join your Facebook to Chumba Casino if you register an account with them here. It’s because they offer giveaway contests for free through the Chumba Casino Facebook page. There may be a have to post the contest to answer questions, or do something similar. However, be sure to meet the conditions and you may leave with a more healthy gold Coin or the Sweeps Coin balance than you had before.

Post If you truly desire to boost the number of coins that you can enjoy for no cost You can ask for additional by post. Details are available on their frequently up-to-date sweeps regulations page however, you will must create a request form to mail in.

It requires a specific postal request code that can be located in the online lobby for games and a signed statement as well as other terms. After the process is completed, US and Canadian customers will be able to use a different address for forward their mail:

United States residents : VGW Games Limited, Chumba Casino Sweepstakes Department, PO BOX #8486 Portsmouth, NH 03801

– Canadian residents: VGW Games Limited, Chumba Casino Sweepstakes Department, PO BOX #990, 135 West Beaver Creek Road, Richmond Hill, Ontario L4B 4R7

The purchase of coins There is no need to buy coins in order to play with at Chumba Casino, but there is always the possibility to purchase Gold Coin offers to increase the balance of your social gaming. The casino will frequently give out FREE sweeps Coins in exchange for a reward.

How do I purchase Gold Coins

If you decide to buy an offer and you are stuck on the process you’ll find this guide for you.

  1. You can find the store selling coins.
  2. Select the offer best suits your needs and budget.
  3. Choose the button to purchase your currency.
  4. Pick the method you prefer to use for payment option.
  5. Give all the information required when asked to provide them.
  6. After your payment is verified, you can check your balance to confirm whether your money has been in the account.

Payment Methods

If you decide to take advantage of a coin offer while playing on Chumba Casino online, we’ve included the many payment choices currently on the market like Paysafecard, MasterCard, MasterCard, Paysafecard and many more. We’ve also included the most important information regarding every option:

Method of purchaseMinimum depositSpeed of transactionsExtra fees
Visa, MasterCard, American Express, DiscoverNo minimum depositInstantAbsolutely no cost
Skrill$10InstantAbsolutely no cost
PaysafecardNo minimum depositInstantThere are no fees
TrustlyNo minimum depositInstant1.5 per cent Standard fee
Transfers to banksNo minimum depositInstantThere is no fee unless you are you are added by your bank

What is the best way to redeem Sweeps Coins

Once you’ve earned enough Sweeps Coins in Chumba Casino, you can exchange them for actual prizes.

However, the Sweeps coins are the ones you can get when you purchase an Gold Coin offer or as an additional bonus cannot be exchanged in exchange for cash rewards. It is possible to can only use the Sweeps Coins you win when playing in games for promotion – that is, even if you haven’t won the money, it’s not possible to swap it.

It is important to note that you will be required to verified your bank account in order to be able to withdraw out money, and you can verify your account by giving the following information below:

Photos ID Copy of your driver’s licence, passport or a government-issued ID identification card will work.

A proof of residence A document that has your address printed on most likely the copy of your recent utility bill or bank statement or a government document.

If you’re able to redeem Sweeps Coins for cash, each coin can be exchanged for one US dollar The most that you can exchange is $100, which means you must have at least 100 Sweeps Coins to redeem them. The money will be transferred via the same method that you utilized to buy the coin offer as well as when you sign up for your account. The process can be completed in seven days. However, if you decide to buy the gift card it will be sent to the account’s email address.

Fair play and security


Although Chumba Casino is a social casino, it holds an official license issued by the Malta Gaming Authority. This is an excellent thing to observe since, even though customers aren’t able to deposit or withdraw cash It is important to ensure that the casino is running its business honestly and fairly.

Chumba games and slots are operated by the random number generators (RNGs) approved by iTechLabs and Gaming. It ensures that the result when playing on the Chumba Casino is totally unpredictable… that is an element of the fun!

Customer support

When we looked at their security as well as approach to fair play, we also looked at the options Chumba Casino has made available to help customers.

However, Chumba Casino doesn’t currently offer live chat in case you experience a glitch, there’s no way receive immediate assistance to assist you in resolving the issue through their site. There is a dedicated support center that has a variety of customer support services however, it is likely that you will be relying on email when you reach out for assistance.

There are no alternatives to call and when you reach out via email, we’ve observed the Chumba support team to be helpful and responsive We haven’t been waiting long for answers to our inquiries.

  • Chat live is not accessible
  • Email is supported by the site
  • Telephone: Not available

US addresses: VGW Games Limited, Chumba Casino Sweepstakes Department, PO BOX #8486, Portsmouth, NH 03801

Canada address: VGW Games Limited, Chumba Casino Sweepstakes Department, PO BOX #990, 135 West Beaver Creek Road, Richmond Hill, Ontario L4B 4R7

Social media: Facebook (@ChumbaCasino), Instagram (, Twitter (@ChumbaCasino)



Chumba Casino is a great alternative for people who wish to have a great online casino which can be enjoyed at no cost. Chumba Casino offer an extensive selection of Gold Coin games, with an opportunity to play FREE sweeps Coins to bet on cash winnings.

Chumba Casino is a great experience. Chumba casino experience is surely one we’d suggest to all American or Canadian person who is looking to test online sweepstakes-like games in a professionally designed and operated social casino.

Questions and answers regarding Chumba Casino

How do I find out what is what is the Chumba Casino promo code for November 2023?

There is no need to input an additional bonus code each time you register with Chumba Casino. If you create a fresh Chumba Casino account by November 30th, 2023 you will be eligible for:

  • 2,000,000 Gold Coins and 2 FREE Sweeps Coins.
  • Additionally, you’ll be eligible to buy a special purchase of $30 with just 10 dollars. The package includes 10,000,000 Gold Coins as well as 30 free sweeps Coins.

Does Chumba illegal in the United States?

Indeed, Chumba abides by the rules in the country in which it operates in both United States and in Canada.

Can I be paid by Chumba Casino if I have a win?

It is true, that Chumba is a legitimate online social casino. It also has sweep coins that may be exchanged for cash rewards.

What kinds of casino gaming can I play on the internet at Chumba?

Chumba does not have an extensive gaming library, however, Chumba does offer over 70 games available on offer. This includes slots (progressives as well) roulette, blackjack as well as video poker.

Can I use PayPal at Chumba Casino?

As of now, PayPal is not an alternative for purchasing or redemption at Chumba Casino. Chumba offers a variety of payment and redemption options that are available to players.


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